The Common Table, Salcedo Village

They say that when God closes a door, he opens up a window. Such was the case for Chef Ian Padilla when he had to give up two of the fine-dining restaurants he used to own in the past – La Girolle and Brasserie Girolle. He took a hiatus from the local restaurant industry to be with his wife who had a difficult pregnancy at that time. Later on, he decided to put up a new restaurant where most professionals in Makati can have their cravings satisfied. This paved way for his new establishment, The Common Table at Salcedo.

Chef Ian admits that although French cuisine is really his first love, he decided to focus on cooking dishes that he particularly likes to eat. Their menu is made up of casual fine American, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisine.

I feel fortunate having been invited to visit the Common Table by Looloo for another foodie meetup. This spot is situated on the 2nd floor of Forbes Tower, where Project Pie and Chef Sau’s Bistro Vert used to be. You gotta look for a big white sign beside a set of stairs so you wouldn’t miss this one out.

Inside, you will find a long dining table as its centerpiece, where you can dine and converse face to face with your family or friends. I like how the place looks very inviting and homey with its natural light, high ceiling, and minimalist furniture.

Judging from all the dishes served that day, it seems like Chef Ian is continuously looking for ways to take meals in general to the next level. For one, I got to try his take on the classic Pinoy Sisig Fried Rice (Php 310) . It had crispy sisig, chicharron, roasted shallots, and a sunny-side-up egg. What made it different was the touch of sweetness in it.

We also had their soy glazed Wagyu Salpicao Beef Cubes (Php 420). It’s USDA beef combined with garlic, tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, and sous vide egg in extra virgin oil. The meat’s flavorful juices burst into your mouth on every bite. It’s extra fatty and rich so watch out on a spike of cholesterol here.

Although I am not so keen on anything that’s fatty and greasy, I must admit that I kind of liked their serving of Bone Marrow. It came with a petite salad (to balance it maybe or for color) and jam. The sweet jam is what whet my appetite. It’s a must to spread this on warm crostinis!

One of their latest additions to their menu is the Patatas Bravas, which is made up of crispy potatoes, spiced up tomato sauce, house chorizo, aioli, and yes more eggs. The potatoes gave off a fluffy texture on the inside while its flavor offering a kick and tanginess. Some of our foodies turned to this appetizer as their top pick of the night.

I also enjoyed their Pull Apart Batard Bread. This loaf is stuffed with roasted garlic butter, gruyere, parmesan, manchego, aged cheddar, and mozzarella cheese. The bread is airy and fragrant, and it was just brimming with a variety of taste – the rosemary in it gave it an earthy taste, and it had a fusion of sweet, salty, and garlicky flavors that linger on your palate.

Aburi Salmon on rice was the last savory plate to arrive and this was hands up my favorite. It had tobiko, nori, furikake, and pickled vegetables in it. This plate was a beautiful symphony of flavors, which was emphasized on the thinly sliced but with wordpress striking salmon pieces. It’s also a colorful plate and rather filling thanks to its warm rice.

Capping off my food course was their Choco Lava Dessert, which could have been better off with a  scoop of vanilla ice cream instead of whipped cream. This was rich but lack the chewy fudgy edge as well.

Throughout the night, our team was also served a series of alcoholic concoctions by their in-house mixologist and bartender. I don’t drink so I have no comments on their signature creations. The other foodies, however, gave it a mark of approval, showcased by their multiple servings in the bar.

All in all, this was another experience worth sharing to among friends and family. The Common Table is yet another adventure that you should put on your must eat and/ or drink list. I hope I gave you enough preview to salivate.

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