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If there’s anything that this current generation of foodies would benefit so much about, it has to be the availability of restaurants offering healthy and delicious food within easy access. One of these that I recently rediscovered is the Good Seed in Kapitolyo, Pasig. Their uniquely-crafted menu is made up of special healthy selections that could be for ketogenic, vegetarians and other forms of diet programs. When we say “ketogonic,” we refer to high-fat, low-carb diet that can lower one’s cholesterol and blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and promote weight loss.

This quaint and small vegetarian café and grocery is owned and managed by Miss Denise Celdran, who is the brains behind the Edgy Veggy, which is now the Good Seed Veggy Deli. Apparently, Denise converted to this eating lifestyle after seeing a documentary of slaughtering cows about 30 years ago. This made an impact on her life and as such, she made a 180° shift from being a carnivore to a person who loves veggies. Her participation in an Art of Living event a decade ago jumpstarted this restaurant 10 years ago, where she was required to be a vegetarian as a prep for yoga and meditation sessions. Talk about having so much passion for feeling and looking good inside and out!

As for the place’s interiors, it gives off an intimate setting with its minimalist furniture composed of wooden-made materials. They also have indoor plants for a more homey feel when you’re dining in.

Now without much further ado, let me give you a rundown of everything we had at The Good Seed. We (together with other bloggers) actually barely touched the dishes that they served us, particularly because we were already feeling full at that time. Nevertheless, we had bits and pieces of each item, enough to give us much appreciation of what they offer.

So first up, we had their Moroccan Salad, at Php 290. It’s made up of falafels and hummus, olives and pickles, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce, drizzled with calamansi olive oil dressing. It’s totally vegan and gluten-free, fresh, organic, and most definitely good for one’s nourishment. Its seasoning was on the bland side, however, I would have preferred more seasoning on this one.

Their Vegetable Maki, available at Php 220, was a treat to have. It is made up of grilled tofu, sesame rice, wasabi ponzu, and veggies, of course! I definitely like this one as it was perfectly well seasoned on its own, there isn’t any need to dip it into its sauce.

Then there’s their Bulgogi Tofu Steak, at Php 300. I find this of interest because when you refer to “bulgogi,” it’s automatically associated with the marinated slices of beef, cooked the Korean way. They gave this popular dish a twist by using an alternative protein in it! It was fluffy, scrumptious, and pleasantly filling.

Another fave of mine from them is their Sisig Rice. You can now rid yourself of guilt without worrying on your cholesterol level at a risk. Their version encapsulates its traditional flavor without the grease and fat that is normally associated with it.

One of the menu items that I just had for the first time is their Shakshuka (Php 300). It was a Mediterranean feast for the eyes with its combination of poached eggs, tomatoes, feta cheese in a casserole, and lentil crackers. Who can even resist this hearty dish? The name may be quite difficult to remember but its taste and look would stay with you.

As for their sweet treats, their all natural Cashew Brownie (Php 120) is an irresistible dessert you can’t say no to despite its lack of eggs to make it stick together. As for their sugary pannacotta with berry coulis, it could use more jelly for a smoother bite.

Our team also had refreshing beverages that were ideal to give you an immune boost as well. We had Yellow Monkey, Fruit Chai and Iced Chai Latte. I highly recommend drowning yourself with these.

If you feel like bringing some of The Good Seed’s products home, you can buy their vegan goodies such as packed snacks and their frozen food from their deli. Also, if you’re inspired to live a healthier lifestyle, you may also inquire about their Thrive Nutritional Program where they plan out appropriate programs based on your lifestyle for you.

As you all know, health is definitely wealth. It is imperative to take into account our health more than anything and a plan out a balanced and nutritious diet is an essential component to it, The Good Seed might just be your gateway for these.

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