The Noodle Studio, Ugong

There are days when I’m craving noodles, and this happened just two days back. I heard there was a new place offering hoards of it nearby so I made my way to it. It’s simply called The Noodle Studio.

It was a bit late for lunch so I called them before I arrived. When I got there, my table wasn’t even set up yet so I already felt that we were starting this noodle romance on the wrong foot.

The first thing my friends and I tried was their Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll (Php 289) and I was disappointed right off the bat. Pale white vegetables were used and this caused the spring roll to be very plain, lacking any life. It was also worth noting that you have to dig deep into it to find the shrimp (which was very small) that should’ve provided the flavor it sorely lacks. The only positive thing about it was that its sauce.

Next thing we got was their Pad Thai with one plain King Prawn. It was below average unfortunately, lacking an umami taste. To add insult this small serving is at Php 398. What were they thinking? This order also lacked citrus flavor that lime brings, and some chili to spice it up.

Some justice was served when I finally started having what their Beef Brisket Noodle Soup. The beef was tender, soup base was tasty, and the serving generous enough for its price (Php 378). The downside here and something that could give them a problem is its spiciness. It had an overload of chili. And its not even mentioned in its menu description.

I was able to give a piece of my mind to their chef, who was very open to suggestions on what could be wordpress done better. For that am giving them a 3.0.

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