The Pig In The Sea, BF Homes

One quiet Sunday, I drove to President’s Avenue in BF Homes – a strip boasting of the most number of restaurants in one area.

Among the hundreds of food establishments in Sucat, The Pig in the Sea is one stop you should not dare miss. They had a bold take on Asian cuisine, focusing on seafood and pork as the main characters. They presented their dishes quite sophisticatedly too, as if you are transported to a fine dining setting.

Owners Justin Naanep, Kring Zulaybar, and brothers Jong and Benedict Ong, took the time to cook for and entertain us on this sponsored invite.

Most of us took delight in the Pig’s Ear Crisp, a novelty even for Filipinos who are accustomed to devouring the whole pig. I, however, found it challenging to munch on as it was visually distracting. Nevertheless, this one is a must have for your dining escapade here.

Next to arrive was, simply called, Pork 2 Ways. It was plated grilled and fried, made with pork cheeks, spareribs, coconut carrot puree, pickled radish and carrots, in bittersweet coffee caramel sauce.

More pork came and this one could be your kid friendly pick. Mussel Pig is a bowl of pork meatballs, mixed in with juicy pork belly, flavored creatively with a touch of squash blossom and peppered tofu.

Still craving for salted egg? They had it in their first seafood offering to us – Salted Egg Salmon. I loved this dish but its portion was quite limited. One big bite and it was gone!

The Seafood Surprise was indeed unexpected! This, in my opinion, should be their banner dish, as it married their whole concept together. This delicious Laksa wannabe had plump prawns, squid, Enoki, quail eggs and smoky bacon in spiced up rendang sauce.

Lastly, for dessert, we were served another unusual piece – Ube Bread Pudding. It was freshly prepared ube bread, swimming on ube whipped cream and peanuts – a great ending to a one of a kind food adventure!

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