Tim Ho Wan, Glorietta Complex

I’ve been to this actual branch years ago when it just opened. And back then lines would take an hour or so before one could sit. Tim Ho Wan remains to be one of the most supported international brands to hit Manila. For lunch yesterday, there were no queues, I had Food Panda send me their Hong Kong style dishes.

I had my all-time favorite, Rice with Chicken, Sausage & Mushroom. The synergy of these three toppings are balanced, giving striking flavors together. I love its buzzing taste on a warm bed of well-cooked rice. Have you indulged on this yet? You got to give time to try soon.

I also had some soft yet crispy on the outside Pan Fried Radish Cake and some lightly seasoned Poached Fresh Green with Oyster Sauce. The latter would have been better if it wasn’t too greasy.

When was the last time you had authentic yet modern Hong Kong style cuisine? If you haven’t been to a Tim Ho Wan, you are definitely missing something.

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