Toby’s Estate, Magallanes

These days, people seem to get more lethargic due to the rainy weather. Who doesn’t like being under the sheets and doing nothing, right? But of course, one needs to beat periods of procrastination and to be able to do that, one has to load up on some caffeine! One of the best places to go to when you need to get your coffee fix would have to be Toby’s Estate.

I was invited months ago together with other bloggers, to visit Toby’s Estate in Whitespace, at Chino Roces, Makati. Whitespace is an events place and here is a hidden branch and a commissary. It is an awesome place to hang out to, given its laidback setting and simplistic interiors. It provides a comfy space that’s perfect when you’re in the mood for a nice cup of coffee and some quiet time. Here, we also got to witness the step-by-step process they strictly follow in roasting their beans.

I was feeling pretty hyped up when we got to their facility. It was actually breathtaking to see with my own two eyes the specific steps and ways they follow in roasting beans. They were keen on the details and careful in prepping up their brew.

Their Master Roaster, Raoul de Peralta, gave us the details as to how Toby’s Estate get to come up with their blend. As a roaster, you need to ask yourself first what tasting notes you would like to have in your blend and which single origin coffee beans should you mix together to achieve these notes.

Apparently, you can get both good and bad notes in your coffee, depending on the quality of the bean. To enjoy your brew, one must be extra critical in roasting. For example, if you underroast, your brew might end up tasting like cardboard. On the other hand, if you over do it, it gets wasted.

Here we also got to learn about their Salcedo Blend. This one is actually named after where their flagship store is located. For base, they use the coffee beans from Brazil, mixed up with the Sumatra ones. Before we got to try this, we had a sip of their single origin bean first so as to have an idea of the tasting notes they want to combine for this one. It has hints of guava, chocolate, toasted hazelnut, and muscovado in it.

I highly suggest you have Salcedo Blend either as a Cappuccino or as a Gibraltar. This way the tasting notes get to be more emphasized.

Another dessert was added into their menu, which is the Apple Tart. This sweet treat would pair well with your coffee of choice. The lusciousness of the tart was complemented nicely by the crumbly pecan nuts and the light whipped cream.

I also had some bagel here too. You may choose to have it in plain, whole wheat, and black sesame. It goes with your choice of cream cheese flavor, so you can pick between Garlic and Chives or Scallion and Cheese. If you are feeling somewhat adventurous for something spicy, then you should have their Jalapeño Cheddar.

For all you caffeine vultures out there, a visit to Toby’s Estate is a good reason to rise and shine with positivity and anticipation. I guess it’s time now to wake up, head on over to Toby’s Estate, and smell their aromatic coffee.

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