Tortuga, Loyola Heights

Went to Tortuga in Loyola Heights on a sponsored invite, thanks to one of its owners, Joanna Kennedy, for having me and Raina Cheng over. I would have to say that this visit to Tortuga is one of my most memorable restaurant review “assignments” to date. I just love everything about Tortuga–from the lively vibe of the resto, to its unique and exciting dishes and outstanding service, not to mention their affordable prices.

The people behind Tortuga are the same young entrepreneurs who came up with Walrus Bar in Katipunan. Here in Tortuga, you get to have a taste of island foods while enjoying the restaurant’s tropical vibe. A visit here gives off a warm, summery feeling as if you’re in a jungle or on a beach adventure.

So after taking photos for more than an hour, we finally got to sit down for a feast. Raina and I got to share five entrees, as well as a couple of appetizers, sides, desserts, and three unique cocktails.

And oh boy, was I surprise with Tortuga’s foods! I reacted with so much glee bite after bite as each and everything we had was just too delicious! What’s more is that they are way too affordable. In my head, I was like, “Oh man, is this really happening? How come I discovered this restaurant just now?” You can tell that I was obviously in awe of everything we tried then at Tortuga.

Tortuga would consistently surprise you with each of their dishes. The flavors are striking, and the tenderness and juiciness of their meats all deserve praises.

My favorite from Tortuga is their Jungle Pumba. Described in their menu as something that “you will dream about for days,” I can definitely attest that Tortuga’s twice cut pork belly is the best thing you’ll ever spend your Php200 on. And hell yeah, I kinda dreamt about it last night.

As for starters, you must try their Spanish inspired Jamon Croquettes. Aside from the tasty ham, it had this nice and creamy consistency to it, that’s somewhat close to cheese. Definitely addicting. Another thing that’s worthy of a taste is their Jamba Gambas appetizer.

Tortuga’s Jamaican staple, jerk chicken, was oh so good, I kept it at a distance from Raina so I can have it on my own. LOL. It comes with a side of fried bananas which I find really nice on my end. I swear, this sweet thing tasted like it had liquor on it, but Tortuga’s owners deny that it had such.

Anyway, I suggest that you also try their chicken curry. It had this nice combination of peanut and coconut flavors, as well as that of Thai spices. I also like their pork skewers for its tenderness, and the nice touch of lemongrass in it. Also, Tortuga’s cocktails are highly recommended. I actually do not drink alcohol, yet I am surprised that I had two of Tortuga’s cocktails. All their cocktails are priced at only Php95 per glass. Yep, it’s that dirt cheap, I’m pretty sure you’ll go home feeling so wordpress buzzed up. Whoops, drink moderately, guys!

Here’s to hoping that this particular review of mine about this restaurant’s food and drinks would make you want to go on a food trip, or make you tag along your BAE for a night out at Tortuga’s.


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