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As you know I am not an avid fan of alcohol. And it follows that my tolerance for it is not that high. But I do love coffee, I have at least a cup of it daily. So when The Brewery at the Palace invited me to try Uli Coffee Beer, I was too curious and I just had to try this unfamiliar combination.

Before I had the chance to sip, Hineleban Foundation co founder, Renee Araneta Perrine shared, in much passion, the current state of our environment. Did you know that the Philippines only has less than 3% forest cover left? That was truly an alarming news. And her group was calling for our participation to increase tree planting by supporting their coffee plantation.

To date, Hineleban has been responsible for putting up around 4.4M trees in Bukidnon area. If you buy a bag of their coffee bean, a tree could bear your name. I was simply amazed on their dedication and business model.

This social enterprise’s primary beneficiary is really about every Filipino. And on a micro level, farmers in Bukidnon gets their hands dirty to earn a decent living through coffee beans. The Brewery’s partnership with Hineleban Foundation, on the other hand, gets you and me even more involved for our environment through the former’s cash contribution every time you buy Uli. A refreshing glass at Php 120, Php 30 goes to the further development of Hineleban programs.

Personally, I loved the combination of the two bitter ingredients in Uli, coffee bean and barley. The more I gulped it down, I appreciated more its contrasting taste. It was also interesting to have a downer and an upper in one glass. As I finished my serving of Uli, The Brewery accompanied it with some of their best sellers, Sisig Pizza, Pesto Sandwich and tender Crispy Pata with three sauces.

So how can you help? It’s simple really. While you hang out with friends, choose Uli Coffee Bear, and drink with moderation. The Brewery produces gallons of this everyday in their own location, so they won’t ran out soon.

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