Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub, Greater San Juan

There’s something about restaurant’s that started out at as a neighborhood favorite. It’s just not the same eating there in a big and commercial setting. There’s still magic in dining in the setting it started out as. If you guys know Uncle Moe’s, then you know what I’m talking about.

In Little Baguio, San Juan is this new small scale food park, or alley rather. It resembles like your community food hub that is both spacious and clean.

Uncle Moe’s Express is there, a fast-service take-out style booth version of its mother company. It serves the most essential items on their menu, which are the kebabs and best selling shawarma. It’s pretty much all we need as well.

You can never go wrong with their Beef Shawarma Rice (Php 142). Flavorful tender beef with crunchy cucumbers, onions and tomatoes over rice, drizzled with their a bit of spiced garlicky creamy sauce.

For a lighter yet still filling option, grab the Cheesy Keema Shawarma on Pita (Php 90). Enjoy the meat flavor along with oozing servings of cheese and veggies.

You can also have a hefty plate of Beef and Chicken Kebab with a side pita. These two combinations are good for protein heavy eaters like myself. I do love the chicken variety more.

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