V Sports Bar and Restaurant, Karuhatan

Arca in latin means a strong box used as a receptacle for money or valuables. Today, Arca is used to house food stalls that caters to a variety of cravings that one could have. Arca Yard Food Park located at Valenzuela City provides you and me a hefty selection of food and beverages that are quite uncommon.

During my visit here, I tried V Sports Bar, an enclosed air-conditioned area to house big groups of family and friends. They serve imported and local alcoholic beverages coupled with a stretch of bar food. They even have a barbershop on this two floor structure.

I tried their V Chips, Potato balls, Onion rings and Cheese sticks. One who frequents drinking spots would have lower expectations from these food choices. However, I found myself loving their Potato Balls. It’s got just the right amount of packed flavor and mushy texture. It doesn’t overwhelm which makes it perfect with your choice of cold alcoholic beverage. Their V chips was also a delight as it’s topped with loads cheese and ample meat.

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