Va Bene Pasta Deli, BGC Review 2

If you guys have been around reading my blog for a while now you may have gathered that I am very much a fan of Va Bene Pasta Deli. It has been consistent every time I pay a visit, and that is real value to its customers both as a brand and as a business.

Chef Massimo, owner and head chef of Va Bene, invited food bloggers and myself to their branch ag Central Square Mall, BGC. Chef Massimo wanted us to witness the launch of the new Bruschetta line.

He mentioned that everybody knows that they specialize in pasta, yet he wants to expand our appreciation for Italian food by bringing in yet another specialty from the beloved cuisine. He might as well, since Va Bene has established itself well in the food scene here. Hence, the launching of five bruschetta varieties.

The bruschettas apparently come in two sizes, or rather lengths. These usually come in single serve, bite-sized portions to serve as appetizers yet Chef wanted to be unconventional on this one and decided to present it with novelty. Va Bene’s new bruschettas come in Normale (25cm/ Php 288) and Grande (60cm/ Php 488) comprised of 2 flavors and 3 flavors, respectively. Imagine the lengths they went to to make this launch happen. Pun intended.


We were comfortably seated in a fitting long table setting and had a glass of red in had, awaiting the arrival of the anticipated new offering.

Everyone’s eyes widened as the attentive waiters come rolling out several long planks of wood, which hold the bruschettas. These were Milanese, Piemontese, Piccante, Trentina, Puzzona. Let’s run them down one by one.

The Milanese is bread coated with olive oil, arugula, salami Milano, shaved parmesan, cheese mousse and balsamic reduction. It’s a complex and strong combination of flavors care of the bitter arugula, saltiness from the salami yet with an understated sweet finish care of the cheese mousse and balsamic reduction.

The Piemontese, I would say, would be the most familiar in terms of taste. It’s a friendly mix of mushrooms, mozzarella, parma ham and an interesting drizzle of tuna sauce. Absolutely lovely. That touch of tuna sauce adds a somewhat elevation of flavor to the rest of the ingredients, which are relatively all mild.

The Piccante packs a bite with its the polpette ragu (chunks of Italian meatballs). This also has garlic, cheese mousse, and a dash of chili oil that amusingly goes well with its chunky meat.

The Trentina gives a heftier and more substantial bite. It features beef tenderloin carpaccio on a bed of arugula, topped with shaved grana padano and truffle mayonnaise. Definitely an intricate profile, especially with the bitterness of leaves and the garlicky musk of truffle.

The Puzzona is a wild selection mainly because of the delightfully funky taste from the aged gorgonzola mediated by the mortadella, and brought to a high note with the sweet caramelized onions.

Having all these made me appreciate all the more the work Chef Massimo puts into his art. It is a stark showcase of skill through the combination of the different profiles that all stem from his passion for good Italian food.

Arguably an acquired taste, these bruschettas. But they are definitely a treat, being able to have a glimpse of how the Italians eat.

Out of the clamor or mysef and other foodies who have dined here before we also got a treat of two of their best selling pastas, Black Ink Taglionni and Spinach Ravioli. These were delightful plates which we induged in full gusto despite being full.

Many thanks to Chef for giving us such an enriching firsthand experience tasting this new line of dishes from Va Bene. It is, after all, a trusted and reputable Italian cuisine destination. Would I recommend these? Definitely. An undisputed place to get some authentic Italian cuisine.


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