Va Bene’s All Day February Cheesy Promo

I can still vividly remember 6 years ago, this Va Bene branch in Petron EDSA Makati station was packed on my very first visit. My friends and I patiently waited for our turn outside. The place is relatively small, and they were able to welcome then twice its usual capacity. Last Friday, on Chef Massimo’s invitation, this humble Italian deli was still busy with patrons. I expected that.

You simply cannot live without authentic Italian cuisine from the owner and executive chef, Chef Massimo Veronesi. Chef personally accommodated me and my girlfriend, Mia all night with his usual warm and joyful service.

We got to indulge then his version of cheese and salami buffet. It had a stretch of familiar cheeses and cold cuts. Some of the spread was new to me like the Mushrooms Salad (shitake, button mushrooms with olives and caramelized onions) and Grana Padano 18 months Italian cheese. All of these we had, as much our tummy’s desire on the house.

Our table also got an appetizing plate of Organic Eggs Tagliatelle. It had generous amounts of portobello mushrooms in white wine cream sauce and loads of truffle oil. Mia enjoyed this one, even brought it home, had it for breakfast the following day. For dessert, we settled for Sweet Mia, a simple yet delectable cup of vanilla ice cream, organic honey, extra virgin oil and almond slices.

Anyway, Chef Massimo got something new for you this love month! So call up your date soon. If you avail any of three of the cheeses below, you get an unlimited platter for only Php 390+, choose 6, for Php 620+! These will be served nicely on a chopping wooden board.

  1. Grana Padano 18 months(cow milk, harmonious dry, intense with traces of grass)
  2. Gorgonzola 12 months (cow milk with buttery taste)
  3. Pecorino Romano (Lazio Sardinia  sheep’s milk, intense flavor)
  4. Fontina Mountain Cheese (Piedmont  region cow milk, semi-soft, creamy and light aroma)
  5. Emmental (yellow, medium hard)
  6. Gouda (cow milk from the Netherlands, mild yellow)
  7. Cheddar (relatively hard and saltier, mild yellow)
  8. Asiago cow milk from Veneto region, buttery).

On top of your cheese choices, you can also order the following below as you wish, individually. These unique creations are only available this February. They are priced differently, so I suggest inquiring in person.

  1. Insalata mixed lettuce, Danish blue, mango, Parma ham in balsamic reduction
  2. 4 Cheese Potato Fondue with arugula
  3. 4 Cheese Risotto with apples, walnuts in balsamic reduction
  4. Fettucine Gorgonzola with Parma ham, roasted tomato, arucola
  5. Massimo Cheese Sandwich with emmental, cheddar, fontina, gorgonzola, and ham

Have you been to this famous spot in Makati? When many restaurants open here and there, Va Bene still remains one of my go to places for authentic Italian. They currently have three branches, the two others are in Central Square, BGC and Circuit Makati.

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