Van Gogh Is Bipolar, Sikatuna Village

I got to visit Van Gogh Is Bipolar (VGIB) with my date in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City recently and I would say that this restaurant visit is something I’ll never forget and would rave about to people for a long time. Van Gogh Is Bipolar goes beyond food and dining services, as they encourage their customers to experience self healing while inside their restaurant.

Here at VGIB, customers must do self service. Their staff would first provide you with a handbook that will guide you on what to do while inside their restaurant. In spite of the “self service” rule here, their personnel would assist you, especially if it’s your first time in their resto. Here, I got to pick my own hat and tea, and even got to write out a letter to my “beloved one,” aside from trying out their food.

I had my serving of delicious hot soup, which is for me, the best item on their menu which I had the chance of getting my hands into. Aside from their pescetarian and vegetarian meal offerings, I opted to have something with meat. So I had one of VGIB’s entrees, which has red rice, veggies, flower petals, and well-marinated chicken.

Besides eating, there was this sort of ritual which we had to do in VGIB, and it involves drinking two cocktail shots. One has an egg yolk in it while the other one was just pure alcohol. Just before having them drinks, I muttered “nostrovia,” which is a Russian word for “Cheers!” and had a toast with my date.

VGIB also has a museum. To add to that, they also have this eccentric, dark room which happens to be a comfort room, ant it surely looks creepy. I even told VGIB’s staff that their loo just scares the hell out of me.

This lovely experience at VGIB was ended with a hug from their personnel. I felt very much at home at VGIB, given the warm accommodation their friendly staff has provided me. I was fascinated with a lot of things at VGIB, and I hope that by reading this blog of mine, you get to be encouraged to also visit this place.

Cheers to self healing! 🙂

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