A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante, SM Megamall

I remember them being more popular than they are today. They focus on Italian cuisine and their main offerings include Pizza, Pasta and Hero Sandwiches. I had the traditional pizza and pasta since I was in a solo mode during brunch.

The Puttanesca (Php 310) had hefty serving size but lacked ingredients to make it more interesting. Tomatoes, olives and mushrooms were limited edition. The overall taste however was decent. The sour touch was just right and the absence of Filipino sweet vibe was actually a plus.

Vegetarian Pizza on the other hand was a great deal at Php 125. The size was double that of Pizza Hut or your usual size. I loved how soft and thin the crust was and the generous toppings it had. Good thing too they had a slice serving, most don’t.

Maybe on the next stop, Hero Sandwich will be my thing. It just might ‘save’ the day. 🙂

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