Wing Stop, Nuvali

From time to time, I get to spot a branch of Wing Stop while I’m on the road and driving to my usual destinations. I already had it in mind to stop over at any Wing Stop to try out their food but I never had the chance then to pay them a visit given my schedule. Thanks to another foodie meet up organized by Zomato, I finally got to visit Wing Stop in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna on a sponsored invite.

So I got to try out almost all variations of Wing Stop’s flavored wings since their marketing team had eagerly showcased to us 14 of these varieties. Two of which will give you a kick of spiciness – the atomic flavored one and the spicy soy.

The other 12 flavors are the following, listed in the order of their level of spiciness, with the first one being the mildest: mango habanero, cajun, hot buffalo, Lousiana rub, mild buffalo, honey bbq, hickory smoked bbq, lemon pepper, garlic Parmesan, honey garlic, teriyaki, and Korean soy. Do you know which one is my fave? I would have to say that it’s their mango habanero that I enjoyed the most, simply because of its sweet, fruity taste and it’s spiciness; I also like the Korean soy, basically because it was flavorful. I just find it amazing of Wing Stop to be able to come up with a whole lot of varieties in their chicken wings, with each one having a distinctive quality to it.

If the flavors aren’t enough to satisfy your palate, you may also try them out with their dips, available in six different flavors, namely, ranch, bleu cheese, honey mustard, bbq, atomic, and creamy cheese.

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to eat your way through these chicken wings, you may choose to order chicken fillet bites for your convenience. They are available in 22 pieces per order, and you may choose from their four different flavors. It is very kind of Wing Stop owners to consider our eating preferences, and when I say “our,” I’m referring to us lazy eaters, hahaha! Anyway, aside from the chicken wings and fillet bites, they are also offering chicken tenders as well, so you no longer have to worry about all those chicken bones, or the mess you will make when eating with your bare hands.

If you do not want your chicken wings paired with rice, then you may choose from a variety of sides. Their flavored fries is their latest offering in Wing Stop. They are available in five different flavors, namely, Louisiana rub, Cajun, garlic Parmesan, Texas-style, and cheesy salsa.

You may also opt to order their onion rings, cheesy salsa nachos, and their sweet and savory coleslaw, which I have happened to enjoy tremendously.

What a feast that was! This visit of ours at Wing Stop definitely won’t be the last one. I am pretty sure that this discovery is only the start of many visits to their restaurant, as I would like to come back here soon and try out the other flavors which I wasn’t able to try out. In my opinion, it seems like Wing Stop would be the top restaurant when it comes to serving chicken wings.

I am so curious as to your thoughts about this. Would gladly know about them so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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