Wing Zone, Ortigas

If for any reason, you have a wild craving for wings, hunting for a restaurant that offers it would be too convenient. Nowadays, almost all American food establishments offer it – including cafes, and sometimes even our local cuisine.

Wing Zone recently joined the chicken wing bandwagon but has found a way to lure you towards their direction. They offer tons of flavors here – from the classic to their signature taste. In fact, if you can’t decide which one to indulge in, they have a huge spinner near the counter to help you. I’ve been there twice and in both occasions, the people I was with were truly delighted in what they had.

During my first visit, I enjoyed the most their tasty, boneless Chicken Tenders paired with their own concocted, super crispy, flavored potato chips the most! Their Thai Chicken Salad also won my heart and tummy, thanks to its strong flavor of peanut and sweet soy sauce mixed in strips of tender chicken, loads of fresh green lettuce and huge chunks of plump, American tomatoes.

The burgers here didn’t disappoint either. Despite it being smaller compared to Friday’s, it still delivered a memorable bite with its meaty and juicy patties. I had the pleasure to try both the pure beef and chicken patty variety.

For the classic wings, they were packed with intense seasoning, all the way to its bones! They served it almost bite sized, maybe a way for them to lock in its knockout taste.

During my second trip there, my staff had the wings with rice, and I understood why. Go ahead and check out Wing Zone’s Mango Fire for a cool, sweet and spicy combo; and the Lemon Zinger for a dry rub of citrus and some heat. Wing Zone also has Drumsticks, Boneless Wings and Chicken Strips. These wing varieties can also be mixed with any of their 16 flavors.
For sides, you might want to explore a healthy snack of carrots and celery sticks accompanied by sour cream, or stick to the American favorite, potato wedges.

Desserts are not so much of their thing, unfortunately. But if you do have a sweet tooth, their Brownie Sundae will be a decent dose. I ordered four of these for my team for our annual Christmas party.

Are you ready for another Wing player? Brace yourself, it can be addicting. If you haven’t heard of them just yet, they are located at the Atrium of SM Megamall. See you there!

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