Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen, San Roque

I usually allocate Sundays to visit locations that are farther. Today, together with a co-foodie, we took a trip to Antipolo! Before reaching this much talked about cafe in this town, we took a ‘tour’ at the local tourist spot, Antipolo Church.

Yellow Bird boasts an attractive look from the outside to its interiors. This place has all glass with festive lights, greens and adorable Christmas decorations.

They got packed quite fast while my friend and I were here for two hours. We had a couple of beverages and two mains to share. Yellow Bird serves mostly Filipino but they also have Italian, Japanese and American offerings.

We loved their concoction of Macadamia Hazelnut Latte. It was bold but not too sweet, creamy and served at the right temperature. Their Pinky Promise, however was too artificial for my liking as they use powder to put this drink together.

For savory meals, their Boneless Tinapa tasted as expected, smoky with a strong taste. The downside, it was greasy and serving was too small. We also had Sinampalukang Manok, expensive for its very lean native chicken servings, but its soup was delicious, as it gave us soothing sour feel in every slurp.

Is it worth traveling to? I say yes. We might have just ordered some wrong pieces. At the very least, you will enjoy its ambiance and their friendly staff.

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