Zip-Sup Cold Brew

Coffee experts claim that exposing coffee beans to heat affects its natural flavors. In cold brew, which takes up to 24 hours, the process of making a cup is made even better. Expect up to 67% lesser acidity and a much smoother taste. This process also makes your coffee to last up to 2 weeks!

This is why a bottled caffeine, via Cold Brew is now available everywhere. Even your commercialized coffee stops carry it in their stores. Zip-Sup has it too, and I had the chance to have some recently.

Zip-Sup means enjoying a taste of coffee with good vibes, positive energy and vigor. It’s a bottle that delivers a boost you need!

Zip-Sup Cold Brew started its production just last year, using single origin Arabica. Each batch is carefully hand crafted and steeped in a temperature controlled environment for a full 18 hours.

This results to a highly caffeinated brew with low acidity.

They give this experience by hand in a food-grade bottle so it’s ready to go anytime and anywhere.

I received two last Friday, a Honduras and Atok variant. The former notes are chocolate, honey, and flower flavors while the latter boasts delicate presence of cacao chocolate and hints of nut.

Are you ready for another day? You can Zip-Sup first. You may take it straight, water it down, pour over ice, or mix it with up with milk and some sugar.

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